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Stephanie Sanchez

Fields and Umpires

Pronouns: She/Her

Co-Director of Umps & Field Set up (Season 7)

Co-Captain: Legally Brown (Season 5 & 6) Pitch Pleease! (Season 7)

I have been a part of HIGKL since 2019. Season 7 was my first season serving on the Board and I am so excited to continue building this League for our community! After spending years of trying to find an adult sports league that made me feel welcomed both on the Mainland and here on O’ahu. I finally found a home in HIGKL and I haven’t looked back. These leagues (Hawaii Gay Kickball League & Hawaii Gay Flag Football) have helped me recapture my youth and being a part of such a wonderful, inclusive and loving community in the place I grew up is AMAZING! Looking forward to our Annual Kickball Classic Tournament and getting ready for Season 8!

Stephanie Sanchez
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