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Mike Hernandez


Pronouns:  He/Him

Title:   AO Representative - Boad of Director at Large


Represents the HIGKL at AO board meetings, advocating for the league, reporting back to the league AO operations, directions, decisions, communications, etc to provide transparency of AO to the HIGKL. The role also advocates for AO, provides communication, reporting, and decisions of the HIGKL to AO to provide transparency- Essentially a median between the two leagues that is not on the EC of the HIGKL or on the AO board

Reason for Joining the Board: To be more proactive within our community and provide assistance where needed.

Number of years with the league:  1

Previous Leadership:  Vice President for Rainbow Bowling League Hawaii, Police Captain, Military Leadership, Operations Officer for Department of Emergency Management District 8

Additional Languages:  Spanish

Education:  Bachelors degree in Criminal Justice

Passion / Hobbies:  Bodybuilding, flying planes, sports, nature, training dogs

Why you love like playing with HIGKL:  Gets me more involved in our community.   Maintains physical balance and ensure a well balance between life and work.

Mike Hernandez
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