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Jordan Lee, MD


Years with HIGKL: 7

Board positions: Member At Large (seasons 3-4), Commissioner (season 5), Co-Commissioner (season 6), Socials & Communications (season 7)

Captain: Sit On My Base (seasons 3-4), WAP Wet Ass Pitches (seasons 5-6), Big Kick Energy (Kona Classic and season 7)

I love my HIGKL ‘Ohana! I have been a proud member of HIGKL since its inception in 2017, which also marked my homecoming after being away on the mainland for 7 years for medical residency training. The Hawaii Gay Kickball and Flag Football Leagues were great ways for me to meet others and make friends in the LGBTQ community, and made the transition back home so much easier. I’m excited to continue serving on the board as season 8 Secretary and Assistant Director of Operations for the 2nd Annual Hawaii Gay Kickball Classic!

Jordan Lee, MD
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