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Charlie Mumford

Vice-Commissioner - Programming

            As the lead Director of Community Outreach for the Hawaii Gay Kickball League (HIGKL), Charlie has created a space for our LGBTQIA+ community members to volunteer with a variety of organizations across Oʻahu. We have a kuleana here and that responsibility also includes the LGBTQIA community. Charlie takes pride in knowing that members in our LGBTQIA+ community can come together as one, learn together, and give back together – openly and authentically. Charlie has connected leaders of various LGBTQ sports leagues and organizations (and non-LGBT specific organizations) to mobilize their players and members to volunteer. Since Charlie took on the role as Community Outreach Director in the fall of 2021, HIGKL has been able to send over 250 LGBTQIA+ volunteers to over 15 volunteer efforts across Oʻahu.  

            Charlie has played for three seasons with HIGKL, with the Pitches N’Cream team and Piiitch Please (formerly Legally Brown) team. He has lived on Oʻahu for three years. Charlie is originally from Ocean City, MD and grew up at the beach until high school. Following his graduation from Temple University in Philly with a bachelor’s in Hebrew Studies and LGBT Studies, Charlie was hired as a Regional Field Organizer with the Human Rights Campaign for strategic planning and multiple grassroots advocacy campaigns. He mobilized volunteers and strengthened LGBTQ coalitions in multiple regions across the United States (Western, Central, Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, and Florida). Charlie was heavily involved with work in California to defeat Prop-8, prior to it eventually making it to the ballot in 2008; Charlie also was involved with mobilization around the Matthew Shephard Hates Crimes and Prevention Act and also the Employment Non Discrimination Act in 2007 and 2008. He has also served as a board of director for Philly Pride Presents and the GLCCB (the LGBTQ organization in Baltimore). Charlie has also lived and worked in Israel and Mexico.

            Charlie returned to Temple University for a second bachelor’s degree, a B.S. in Civil Engineering, graduating in December of 2015. Charlie has been a civil engineer with AECOM for six years, having worked with the Philadelphia and Wilmington, DE offices and now the Honolulu office. Charlie has been involved in transportation engineering, municipal engineering, heavy civil construction design and construction, and environmental emergency response coordination and data management. He currently serves as Design Project Manager for the Department of Design and Construction with the City and County of Honolulu. Since 2015, Charlie has been an active member with the American Society for Civil Engineers (ASCE) and currently serves as Chair to one of ASCE’s national committees, the Committee on Pre-College Outreach. For the last election cycle, Charlie was a campaign manager for the Democratic Party of Hawai’i where his efforts were focused under the Coordinated Campaign.

            Charlie currently resides in Honolulu with his Mexican French toy poodle, Munchy. Charlie is an introvert that loves karaoke, swimming far distances, hiking ridge trails, and playing card games. Even though he is often perceived as an extrovert, his Meyers-Briggs generally lands him as either an INFJ or an INTJ. His favorite TV show is Survivor and is always looking for new friends to join in for Survivor watch parties.


Charlie Mumford
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