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Kickball is a fun sport without a difficult learning curve.  We suggest you just come to the pickup games and play and have fun.  Mostly, youʻll learn as you have fun too. The following resources are provided to officials, captains, and players who want an in-depth understanding of the game.

COVID-19 Declaration (2020-21)

The HIGKL Board of Directors recognizes the severity of the disease and how it has effected us all. We are super excited to get back to the fields for family, fun, and friendly competition! Our goal is always to promote a safe and loving team environment where we can learn and grow. Kickball is a close contact sport and the Board recognizes the risk of COVID transmission, especially in the setting of COVID variants.


The Board has made the decision that all players must show proof of full COVID-19 vaccination status.


The Board has made this decision after much consideration of current CDC and state guidelines. This will allow all of our players to safely participate in game play.If you are not vaccinated-there is still many opportunities to do so. Please visit any of the states vaccination clinics or your primary care provider.


Starting with our pick-up games on Saturday Nov 27th-a picture of your vaccination card or recent test results will be required to play.

You do not have to wear a mask outdoors, but it is encouraged.

Liability Waiver


Please review and sign the liability waiver before the start of the season. Link to waiver is HERE.

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